Content Mapping

Who Should Get Which Content and When?

Content Mapping is the methodology used to assign each piece of content to a particular stage in the buying cycle of your customers. Delivering the “right message, to the right person, at the right time,” is an approach marketing has followed for some time. In Content Marketing, the goal is to determine which piece of content, in what format, on what platform, will deliver the most value to your target consumer. This is critical step for ensuring you get the most value out of your Content Marketing efforts.

What To Expect

Content Mapping is most effective when you have buyer personas and customer journey maps for each audience segment of your customer base. These personas provide insight into the unique preferences and behaviors of your customers and prospective customers. Journey maps identify the specific, and non-linear, path(s) that your customers follow as they progress through the buying cycle. They should also highlight all the potential touchpoints along these pathways where brands can provide customers with useful content that will build trust.

If you haven’t developed detailed buyer personas and journey maps it is still possible to be strategic with how to engage your customers with custom content. Using our experience, existing secondary research and a basic understanding of your customer’s behavior, we can define your customer’s preferences for content consumption and identify the key pieces of information they seek out when making purchasing decisions.

The final step in Content Mapping involves assigning specific pieces of content to the different stages of the buying cycle. For example, in the early stages prospective customers may still be determining exactly what their need or problem is and not even looking to buy yet, so it’s a great time to provide them with high level educational content without aggressively promoting your product or service.

Establishing your company as a reliable source of relevant and accurate content, at this early stage of their journey, significantly increases the chances that they will come back to you for more information when they are ready to buy. This is when you can introduce your suite of products or services that align with their needs. As they move into decision mode, you have already established yourself as a provider of trusted information and you can highlight the unique aspects of your product or service that differentiate you from the competition, as well as any special offers you may be promoting.


The scope of your Content Mapping will be determined by the size of your target audience (the number of personas and journey maps) and the complexity of your buying cycle (length, single decision-maker vs committee, cost). Even if you are not prepared to produce content to support your entire suite of products or services we recommend creating a Content Map for each segment of your target audience. This will give you a complete and accurate picture of where you have gaps in your content and provide you with the information needed to develop your Content Marketing roadmap.

To learn more about how to Content Marketing can build your business, feel free to contact us with your questions.

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