Capabilities Assessment

Is My Company Ready for Content Marketing?

The Capabilities Assessment will provide you with a detailed evaluation of your company’s State of Readiness for launching a Content Marketing program and recommendations on capabilities you may need to add or augment. Members of our team will meet with stakeholders from your company to learn how content is currently produced, approved, distributed and monitored. Our report will include an analysis of current state in the following categories:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Resources
  • Development
  • Capabilities
  • Governance
  • Measurement
  • Investment

What To Expect

The readout will plot where your organization sits, for each category, within the Content Marketing Maturity Model which consist of the following five stages:

  1.   Non-Strategic
  2.   Testing
  3.   Scaling
  4.   Strategic
  5.   Sophisticated


Upon completing the assessment we work with you to define the appropriate objectives for your Content Marketing program and the strategies to get you there. Your customized blueprint will include recommendations on staffing (outsourcing vs insourcing), process (production, governance, measurement), investment and timing. The Capabilities Assessment can serve as a step-by-step roadmap for how to evolve your company to the next level, whether your goal is simply to run a test case to evaluate the impact of Content Marketing or establish a full-scale content production division within your organization.

To learn more about how to Content Marketing can build your business, feel free to contact us with your questions.

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